About us

Since we started out, Pons Rig’ goal has always been simple: to create good quality, affordable equipment that people could feel proud to own. With the development of video enabled DSLRs, camera equipment has had to evolve, with operators needing reliable shoulder rigs and cages. PonsRig began in Korea, and was initially more of a hobby than a business.

Our small team created products that we were incredibly proud of, and those that bought them were impressed by the incredible craftsmanship and dedication that went into everything we made. Motivated by the knowledge that our products were of the highest quality, we worked hard to overcome language barriers and problems with long distance shipping in order to take our products into the global market, where we knew that they would rival the products of our biggest competitors.

PonsRig now employs a team of hard working individuals all over the world, and our products are being discovered by more and more people every day. While we have expanded, one thing remains the same; our team still love to create amazing rigs at affordable prices that you’ll love using too